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Terrible customer service. The owners do not provide one year of service as stated in their contract.

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I contacted Bark Busters in order to help train my golden retriever puppy. The initial session with trainer Kristyn Hayes was very uncomfortable and I felt pressured into the contract even though it was supposed to just be a consultation. When I said that I was expecting a consultation, Kristyn seemed shocked and upset. I decided to go ahead and try the program. During each lesson the trainer was extremely unprofessional and would get upset with... Read more

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Waste of money and a ripe off. Paid over $600 to train my dog 2 years ago. He was becoming agressive. The training provided was to use scare tactics to get your dog to be obedient. However it just made him more aggressive. He attacked me one day and we had to put him down. I can't remember the trainers, but it was horrible. They scam us out of money and didn't help any, if anything they made him worst. I am lucky to be alive and that he didn't... Read more

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Do not use Bark Busters! This is a scam and a complete waste of money. Aside from the ethos and method of the training used being completely absurd and impractical. The "trainer" came to our house once, yelled at our dog lots and threw some *** thing at him to replicate the "sounds of other dogs teeth" the guy never came back again. He promised follow ups but was unable to because he went on holidays then he seemed to mysteriously disappear for... Read more

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Four years ago I paid $$695.00 for a "lifetime contract" for my now 4 year old dog. I received 4 visits from the dog trainer, the last 2 I had to beg for because the trainer was overwhelmed with customers. Now when I try to call or email these people I get a response "we no longer service your local area." I intend to contact my credit card company to get my money refunded and the Better Business Bureau at the least. I have a folder containing... Read more

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We worked with a Bark Busters trainer in the Twin Cities area, with a goal to house train our two dogs. She spent two hours in which she lectured and we listened. The trainer left us with Barker Busters branded items (leash and collar), lavender essential oil [which we paid for] and chain pieces enclosed in a mesh bag. The trainer gave us instructions to follow the training "plan," which was ineffective, frustrating and a waste of time. We were... Read more

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Ken is a horrible dog trainer he could not train a flea just in it for the money and lies to peo people he sucks took almost 800 dollars and did no good i lost my dog because of him he sucks bad my name is bruce bugg walker mi out

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While i am sure this is not the case with every single trainer, but if you're unfortunate enough to live in Bucks county, the local trainer you're referred to is Pete Marciano, and you're out of $650 with nothing but aggravation to show for it. The first session lasted over 4 hours. Now you might think this is a good thing, but it was an exhausting, besides the point bitchfest, in which he proceeded to badmouth other trainers and praise himself,... Read more

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We found their website, called them, one lady came explained our dogs personalities. She knew nothing about them other than what we told her. She told us to use the word "baa" to make them behave. Gave us some chains wrapped in material to throw at them when they missed behaved took our $570 and left. A few months later we called and told them nothing was working. Same lady came back, offered a few words of useless advice and we have ot heard... Read more

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If you're planning a buying a "lifetime" guarantee for your dog, don't even think about it. This company is going bankrupt. There soon will be no trainer to work with you and you will be screwed out of all of your money. The franchisors, Danny and Sylvia Wilson who live in San Diego, are corrupt, fraudulent and completely unprofessional. I used to own a Bark Buster's franchise so I know firsthand. They steal the franchisees' royalties to build a... Read more

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