I paid $400.00 to a Bark Buster trainer. She came to my home one time, to have me sign a contract and collect her check.

She gave me some training papers and told me if I needed additional help, as long as it was with the dog I have, that was the dog named on the contract, she would be just a phone call away. I called her several times but she never returned the calls.

I finally got a copy of the "ASCPA Dog Traing Book" and trained the dog myself. The dog training book was less the $30.00 but I got taken for $400.00

Review about: Bark Busters Dog Training.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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same thing happened to me . do not recommend.

i took my dog to Man's Best Friend and she is trained and loves the associates their. yes, a bottle of water ..and paperwork and 2 visits and no followups....i paid for what did and my credit card number the same day and it was reversed by someone or as my bank said someone did not know what they were doing.

vet's office that recommended the service were told of it and said they were going to tell my vet .

oh, yes, the "BAHH".no, is the first word a dog should learn.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #670541

Same thing happened to me. This company is a ripoff especially the franchise is Sinking Spring Pa.

Donald Cohen the owner took my money and ran! Dumbest decision I ever made

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