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I needed a dog training company to hep with a new dog I got. I did an internet search and Bark Busters came up first.

I called them and the guy on the phone was an awful F****** SH**. I am so disgusted by their marketing techniques. They had some slick persuasive canned answer for every question I had. "How much does it cost" "Thats a good question" he says and then goes into his speech without answering the question.

"Are you BBB certified?", "Yes we are." I look up the internet right there and the BBB website shows the local franchise I was calling to NOT TO BE BBB CERTIFIED , and FURTHERMORE, there were complaints. "Looks like you have a higher number of complaints than any other companies" "Well thats just because we are so big and manage so many customers" NOT TRUE---I was only looking at information for their local franchise!!!! You can bet you will pay extra for a full time slick marketing guy to suck people in and that expensive internet marketing that brought their name up first because their prices have to cover that overhead!! Talk about a person would care less and just wants to get your money, would say whatever needed, including lying to get your money!!!!!

I don't go for marketing BS, but this has to be near top on my lifetime list of companies that are so slick with marketing sleaze, I would rather pay double to someone else to have a more pleasant experience.

HOWEVER, since I was on the BBB website, I decided to call one of their highly rated similar businesses and I GOT LUCKY. These folks came out and did a fantastic job for $55 when the Bark Busters wanted $595 for guaranteed results, $99 for first visit, no guarantees.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bark Busters Dog Training.

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