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Update by user Sep 26

Refund provided.

Update by user Sep 25

This issue was pleasantly resolved by the trainer. She was very amiable about the entire situation and was extremely reasonable in coming to an agreement.

While the "method" may not have been of value in our particular case, I do feel that the trainers efforts, intentions, and commitment were impeccable.

The action to make things right is always an indication of honorable intentions in my opinion. I wouldn't hesitate to suggest her services to others.

Update by user Apr 18

I have been contacted and we are currently in negotiations regarding a resolution. I would like to go on record and state, I have always felt, that any company willing to follow up and support their customers, gets bonus points in my book.

As well, in an effort to clarify my review. I did not mention names or specifically identify any isolated individual in my review. My review specifically exposed my personal opinions on the subject of the SERVICE that is the "Barkbuster Method". The trainer, as an individual, was very pleasant, and a pleasure to work with.

It is the "tactics" that we were presented that I am less than satisfied with. I have seen both good and bad reviews for Barkbuster, on this site as well as others, so I know that I am not alone in my opinion, but I am aware that others have had better results. While it is my opinion that these methods, at least in my case, are of little value, there are those that have had success with them. I suppose each will have to decide for themselves if it of value to them.

My propensity for sarcasm has apparently been received with a level of disdain by some who have read this review. I will not apologize for my opinions, my sense of humor (or if you wish, lack of), or my presentation. This is a REVIEW. Which is by its very nature, an OPINION, in regards to MY experience, from MY point of view.

Take it as you will. For those of you who do not share some of my more particular personality traits, and find my review too “abrasive”, I offer this link to another “review” that expresses similar concerns as mine, but is hopefully more eloquent and informative. As I stated before, a companies willingness to address their customers concerns is, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of their business model. In an age of ever degrading customer service, it is a breath of fresh air to find the occasional break from the status quo.

With that being said, Regardless of the result, I have every intention of updating this review as progress with the company unfolds. I feel that is only fair to share both the good, and the bad of MY experience, so that everyone else can make their own independent assessment.

Original review posted by user Mar 26

Needless to say this was a painful $600 financial lesson. We were desperate for a solution, and fell for the bait.

Never made it past the first visit. Our trainer was borderline deaf, which threw us right from the start. 3 hours that consisted of maybe 1/2 hour of actual umm "training". The rest was mostly history lesson and sales.

Our PRIMARY concern was how to get the puppy to quit biting. Specifically in regards to our grandson. This problem was explicitly avoided by the trainer. The trainers only solution for this issue, is telling our grandson to "stand like a tree" and "call for help".

Our trainer wanted us to lock our grandchild in his room so we could work with the dog. To make things worse, their "top secret" "super amazing" solution that they refuse to divulge until AFTER you have paid them. Quit saying "NO" and "Browl" at your dog instead. Seriously, this is the solution.

The $600 magic work is BRAWWW! That is supposed to solve all our issues? Oh of course not, don't be silly, they threw us another rope of hope. If the super amazing "Top Secret" BRAWWW doesn't work, squirt the dog with a squirt bottle?

Ah so THAT is the what is worth $600 price of admission? Nope don't worry, there is more, for the super duper final straw, if all else fails. Throw one of the "chain bags" on the floor in an effort to scare the begeesus out of the dog. (Effectively scaring everything including the dog.) Finally, there it is, the value of $600 dollars is realized?

Well you do get some perty parting gifts. 3 - "Chain Bags", 1 - Squirt Bottle, 1 - 6 foot leash, and 1 - "Not a choke chain" Collar. The collar by the way is apparently supposed to make "noise" to correct behavior. I suppose the sound of a chain noose tightening around your neck would be pretty "corrective", wouldn't you say so?

But there is the "Lifetime Of The Dog Warranty" so there is that. I supposed a lifetime supply of useless information is worth $600 to some, but I don't happen to be one of those people. So there it is.

$600 worth of service in under 300 words. I'm in the wrong business.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bark Busters Dog Training.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $600.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I liked: Nationwide, Life of the dog warranty.

I didn't like: More sales than substance, No value in the cost.

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Hi. At Bark Busters, we want to come to a satisfactory conclusion for all our customers. I will get with the trainer to see what can be done.

to Cindy Smitg #1465550

Thank you Cindy. I have been contacted and I would like to express my gratitude for your willingness to follow up.


I completely agree! I also got a long lecture on nutrition and a raw diet.

One of my dogs is on prescription food for weight loss and joint issues. The trainer wanted to see the food bag, told me all the ingredients were harmful, and that my vet was being paid by the food company. WHAT?? My vet would certainly disagree.

That is not what I paid for. Scam.

to Cebie Ballaru #1452396

We were subjected to the same "diet" *** We feed our animals IAMS. We have never once heard of it being "bad" food, not once from a number of different animal professionals.

This was the very first time ANYONE in the animal community tried to tell me that IAMS was not a "good" choice for our dogs diet. My wife and I were in total agreement that we were far more confident in our vets suggestion and approval of our dogs diet than the "trainer".

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