I waited over a year to provide this feedback because our issue was not with the trainer himself, and we wanted to see if the training techniques would work for us over time. While the trainer was professional, this training system has just not worked for our dog.

When we signed up and paid almost $1,000 (!!) for the lifetime support plan, I was under the impression that this would help teach us/our dog techniques that were actually based on our individual dog and his personality. That is NOT the case.

Instead, I've since learned that this is simply a franchise, and the training methods are a one-size-fits-all plan that literally just consists of yelling "BAH!" at your dog every time he does something bad, squirting him with a water bottle, and/or slamming a noise maker onto the ground next to him in order to scare him (this is also supposed to be done at random times to scare/punish your dog when he isn't even misbehaving).

Leash training did not involve anything new for us. We were provided with a collar, but the trainer ended up telling us to keep using the one we already had since it provided more control - and told us to pop the leash when the dog pulls. Since we'd already been doing that, it wasn't exactly a revolutionary technique worth hundreds of dollars.

Also included was a rather unnecessary basic behavior lesson about dogs consisting of information we already knew, and (this really annoyed me) a reprimand about the "crap" prescription kibble we were feeding our dog because he has allergies, instead of a raw diet.

The trainer did two sessions with us. We did like him and were really impressed with how our dog responded to his alpha energy, so we were excited to implement everything, but I was not comfortable with the techniques of yelling and using a noise-maker from the start. I'm not a meek pushover, but I also don't want to be out in public barking BAH! at my dog constantly. We did it anyway, and it honestly made our dog more nervous and reactive. I can't blame him - wouldn't you be more edgy if someone was yelling at you, and randomly throwing a little beanbag full of noisy chain links near your feet? Finally after a few months, our dog just became desensitized to the techniques and they now have no effect at all.

As for the lifetime support, we opted not to continue with any more sessions because we knew this training plan was not working for us and our dog. It was also unclear if the lifetime support truly is at no additional charge. It sounded as though it's really left up to the trainer's discretion to decide whether they think you've been training your dog enough in between sessions, and if not they may charge you extra for the visit.

Overall, very disappointing. We definitely don't have money to waste, so we were really committed to helping our dog when we paid so much for this program. I now wish we had put it towards sessions with a trainer who could really get to know us and our dog, and tailor the training methods to his unique personality. An expensive lesson learned.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bark Busters Dog Training.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $900.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bark Busters Pros: In home training.

Bark Busters Cons: Lack of training methods, Price.

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In full agreement - BB was recommended to us by our vet for our 4 month Westie. We were suckered in with the life time guarantee BS, so it was an expensive lesson learned.

Our puppy because more unsure and nervous with the BB techniques.

We are now working with a positive trainer. I feel horrible for using the BB method on our puppy.


I am really appalled at the comments I have read here in response to these poor dog owners & their very less than stellar experience with this company. Their review seems very honest & genuine whereas the comments left appear to have been left by employees of BarkBusters!

I came here to read reviews and & I am happy to save myself the money, trouble and horrible experience this company seems to provide. Thank you very much for your informative review - it seems to capture all the rest of them here to a T.


Poor dogs is more like it!


ya i always feel sorry for a dog who has an irresponsible master.... Dogs would do well to teach their lame minded owner to be more respectful towards others and quit barking so much!


That complaint is far too long to read in its entirety. Perhaps your dog has psychological issues and is what we call "untrainable".

Dog trainers are just that, trainers, not magicians. We can't control what you do when Fido gets home either. We have 1-2 hours per week to change a lifetime of bad habits and sometimes the dogs just aren't up to the program.

Too many are inbred, traumatized, etc. Be sure before you quack that all of your ducks are in order as well.


All i can say to everyone is that the dog thing is way out of control! Too many people do not train "themselves" to be proper dog owners.

I say this because people think it is just ok to take their dog out for a 4 minute walk to their neighbors house so FIDO can *** on their neighbors grass. Your dogs should all be pooping in your own smelly yards!

Please train yourself that after FIDO has gone *** then take him out for a walk... Lazy brainless bums!


Perhaps It might help if dogs all took their masters out for a walk to their neighbors yard... At least the you could call the cops on the slob!

Good luck with your yard.

My grass is nearly dead from dog duty! Everyone is so entitled these days.


That goes for humans too!


Bark Busters are alright, it is mostly the dog owner that is usually off his/her flippen - rockers. Some just need to grow up!


Eh! Quit blaming the adorable pooches for his dog owners moronic behavior.

Many DOG OWNERS have extreme, psychopathic psychological problems... Certainly I would trust many dogs over their moronic owners. Some people are un-it to raise a dog or a cat!

These yankie doodles should have a pet test before applying for ownership or adopting a wayward dog or cat... Just saying.


I agree, It is not all up to the dog trainer to train the dog. The owners learn from the trainer what to do and if they do not apply the information they learn from the trainer to their dog then it is all hopeless! Sadly, too many dog owners who have dogs also have a very, very low IQ's They have no business owning a dog.


First you don't have patience to read whole complain. so better don't comment.

Either you are from Bar Buster family or lucky enough to get trained litter pup.

Bad habits can be solved if the trainer and method are dedicated and positive. One method for all dogs can't work.


Hi there, we are sorry to hear about your experience as we strive to have a great experience for every customer, understanding there are unique situations faced by each of our customers and their dogs. We strive to learn from occurrences such as yours, and we'd appreciate hearing more from you about this.

If you can kindly reach out direct to our home office by emailing us at office@barkbusters.com we would much appreciate it. Thank you in advance!


Hi there, we are sorry to hear about your experience and eager to learn more about the specifics of your situation. We understand the environment in each of our customers' homes is unique, as is the upbringing and relationship with each of their dogs. If you are willing to reach out directly to our home office we can be reached at office@barkbusters.com and would appreciate being able to follow up directly with you to better understand the entirety of your experience.

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