This is the worst waste of my $650 in my life. it is the worst thing i could ever do to my dog by training him from Bark Busters.

I have a 8 months old golden labrador puppy whom I started getting trained from Andrew when he was only 3 months old. On the first day of meeting which was 2 hours long, all Andrew did was explain his company worksheets and bla bla bla ***. my dog was barking a lot for everything and i was getting annoyed with it so he threw a pack full of coins in front of him. My dog stopped barking right away and i have never heard his voice ever in last 6 months.

It feels like he has lost his voice, he is so afraid to bark, he would not bark even if someone comes to our door, knocks or whatever.

I called them after and never showed up and he just told me its just dog is going through puppy stage of life.

People please , they just use water bottle and coins to scare your dog and they push you to buy the collar and leashes from them which are overly expensive. Do not waste your money and keep your dog happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Bark Busters Dog Training.

Reason of review: my dog has lost his voice.

Monetary Loss: $650.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Bark Busters Cons: Misleading website reviews, Lack of training methods, Bark busters owners cruel, Price.

Location: Toronto, Ontario

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I agree..water and coins. What a waste..these guys make more than doctors do..i was so upset at 300 for 45 min training...


Hi my name is heather Stephens and I read your review of Barkbusters. I don't work for them or have any affiliation to them other than being a customer.

I just want to apologize that you had a bad experience with this company. I guess it all depends on the trainer that you get. I have used them for both of my dogs and absolutely love them. I am so so sorry that you had that experience with that trainer.

I would be upset if that trainer did that to my dog too.

There is a proper and positive way to use the bags and water bottle techniques and shame on that trainer for just using them as a scare tactic and not showing you the proper way to use those tools. As a dog lover I just to apologize for your experience that you had and tell you that not all of the Barkbusters trainers are like that.


Their is NO need for throwing bags of chains or squirting water in your dog's face or yelling "bath" "bath" at your dog. This is senseless & Cesar Milan PROVES that!! It's about Respect in the k9 world & bark bustters goes against that && common sense!

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