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We paid $600 for a year's training of our two dogs.The guy came out twice,each time for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

He gave us a squirt bottle to squirt water on the dogs with, and told us to ignore them. Very little was done toward training while he was here. He mostly talked about himself. He fancied himself as a "dog whisper".

One time he let one of the dogs escape out the front door and didn't even try to get her in. She could have been run over while out there. After two sessions he never came back, never called.

The feeling was mutual.

Review about: Bark Busters Dog Training.

Monetary Loss: $600.

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This review sums up my experience perfectly!My trainer talked about himself THE ENTIRE TIME.

At one point I had to interrupt him to point out my dog had gone back inside (probably due to boredom) and that we should resume the lesson.I've since worked with less chatty trainers who actually trained my dog, not just talked about it.

Mclean, Virginia, United States #761150

Bark Busters, like most dog training, is more about training the owners than the dogs. Some owners train better than others.

to Vic #891152

Vic, if people are paying hundreds of dollars, the trainers should make a better effort to help the clients understand how to train their dogs.Obviously from all of these complaints many of the trainers with Bark Busters are not doing this.

I came here because I volunteer with a dog rescue and one of our adopters was looking to hire them as a trainer but wanted to know if they were good. I've not had any experience with them but after reading these reviews I'm going to advise she stay as far away from these nutjobs as possible.

They don't need to pay $600 to learn how to bark, growl and throw beanbags and water ballons at their dogs.That is absolutely ridiculous!

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